1. What is your position at Down Farm? Work Rider
  2.  How long have you worked here? 3 months
  3. What made you start a career in racing? My grandad used to love racing and take me to Stratford and Worcester when I was young.  
  4. Favourite horse in the yard and why? Another Stowaway, he’s a character!
  5. Favourite racecourse and why?  Always been a big fan of Uttoxeter, good atmosphere.
  6. Fondest racing memory? Leading in Fundamentalist after winning the 2004 Sun Alliance Hurdle
  7. If you didn’t work in racing what would be your dream job? Footballer
  8. If you were on a desert island with one other member of the TRG team who would it be and why? Milo has just left but I would have said him because we wouldn’t need a ladder to reach the coconuts!
  9. Celebrity crush? Reece Witherspoon
  10. Have you ever met anyone famous? No one exciting
  11. What’s one sentence you’d like to hear from Tom? I’m retiring and I want you to take over
  12. What’s keeping you busy during lockdown? My 6 month old baby William