1. What is your position at Down Farm? Work Rider/Comedian
  2.  How long have you worked here? 18 months           
  3. What made you start a career in racing? I didn’t try hard enough at school  
  4. Favourite horse in the yard and why? Big Bresil (AKA Big Sexy) no explanation needed!
  5. Favourite racecourse and why?  Wolverhampton – The Dubai of the Midlands
  6. Fondest racing memory? Big Sexy winning at Exeter this season
  7. If you didn’t work in racing what would be your dream job? Bookmaker
  8. If you were on a desert island with one other member of the TRG team who would it be and why? Hard decision but I’ll have to go with Danny Burton, he’d at least keep me laughing!
  9. Celebrity crush? Cheryl Cole
  10. Have you ever met anyone famous? Top amateur jockey Milo Herbert
  11. What’s one sentence you’d like to hear from Tom? Do you want to take Big Bresil home?
  12. What’s keeping you busy during lockdown? Answering questions for twitter!