Down Farm Training Facilities

Tom George Racing provides first class training facilities

Wood Chip Gallop

The 1m4f all weather wood chip gallop is used for faster work. Most horses go on this gallop on a weekly basis. This gallop gives us the flexibility of being able to work horses on an easier gradient if this is what we feel they require.

Wexford Sand Gallop

The one and a half furlong Wexford Sand cantering circle is used at the beginning of the horses training programme to teach them to settle and relax into steady catering. The composition of this sand makes the horse work hard without pulling and straining muscles. This was the first gallop of this type in England, as we imported the sand from Ireland.

FibreSand Gallop

The Fibresand gallop is three and a half furlongs in length. The circular part of the gallop is used for warming up before facing the very stiff gradient of the rest of the gallop.


The majority of the horses in training are turned out in the paddocks on a daily basis. This keeps the horses happy and relaxed. We have separate fields which are used for summering and resting horses out of training. These are all supplied with natural spring water and the horses maintain a good level of fitness by walking up and down the steep slopes.

Schooling Facilities

From the day a horse arrives at Down Farm he is taught to jump. The first step is jumping logs, followed by jumping of poles and mini hurdles on an all weather surface. We have regulation hurdles and schooling fences to prepare the horses for their race course appearances.

2 Claydon Horse Walkers

We have two 8 horse Claydon Horse Walkers which are rubber tiled. They are very useful for maintaining fitness and educating young stock.

Wash Down Area

We have 5 bays to ensure the horses are always washed down and turned out to the highest standards.

Lunge Ring

Our 54’0 lunge pen provides a safe enclosed area to educate young horses.