Dexter Beef


Dexter cattle originated from Ireland where they thrived on mountains. They are a hardy, easy calving, slow maturing breed that require minimal herd management.

Our herd originated from Down Farm in Slad, Gloucestershire over twenty years ago and have recently returned home having spent the intervening period on my father’s farm in Cornwall. During this time the herd regularly supplied several top London restaurants.

They are naturally reared in the Slad Valley, 100% grass fed and enjoy the freedom of living outdoors all year round. We do not use any artificial fertilisers and pesticides are only used for spot treatments. Every calf born is tested for BVD and Wood Veterinary Group ensure our stock is always in the best possible health.

The beef is hung for 28 days resulting in a product which has excellent marbling and outstanding flavour and tenderness. Available as a whole carcass, half carcass, or boxes by arrangement. All our beef is expertly packed and produced by our local butcher. Free local delivery. For more information or to place an order please email

We will have mixed boxes available for delivery week commencing – 01/05/2021

Each box will weigh between 15-20kg and will consist of the following

Rib on the bone

Sirloin steaks

Rump steaks

Brisket joints

Slow roast joints

Topside joints and silverside joints

Chuck steak, braising steak, skirt, shin and mince

Only £12.95 per kilo